June 25, 2019

Public Relationships and Programming

Chair: Madison Beck

Contact Information: publicrelation.sgc.council@gmail.com


  • Plan and publicize events that increase the student accessibility of the SGC; Plan and publicize events that improve the wellbeing of SEBS students; and Design and sell SGC and SEBS merchandise
  • Register the SGC in all campus wide events, such as: New Student Orientation, Reverse Career Fair, Involvement Fair
  • Promote the SGC and its activities on all media sources
  • Coordinate activities with other SEBS departments and bodies


  • Adayla Michalowicz
  • Aimie Dormeus
  • Brandon Grosso
  • Emily Griffin
  • Erica Weber
  • Jocelyn Rodriguez
  • Kim Diaz
  • Margarete Kelly