September 21, 2019

Internal Affairs

Chair: Devika Jaikumar

Contact Information:


  • Handle all constitutional amendments, Standing Rules amendments, and referendum responsibilities outlined in the SGC Constitution Article VII and Article VIII
  • Ensure that members and the SGC collectively act in accordance with this Constitution and the Standing Rules
  • Evaluate the internal operations of the SGC, such as but not limited to the website of the SGC and social media of SGC
  • Oversee any internal investigations regarding members of the SGC and issue a public report on any such investigation
  • Oversee the SGC Elections
  • Actively recruit SEBS students to fill any open positions on council


  • Aleeza Langert
  • Ava Mroz
  • Megan Czirok
  • Paulina Zyskowski
  • Tomasz Mierzwa

SGC Constitution