September 29, 2022

Resolutions, 2007-2008

Resolution to: Date Passed
Participate in Monster Mash 9/27/2010
Amendment to Add Ex-Officio Seat for Cook Caucus Chair 10/11/2010
Take Back the Tap 10/25/2010
Co-Sponsorship for the Botanical Society Happy Hour 11/08/2010
SCG to Participate in Rutgers Against Hunger 11/08/2010
Resolution from Designer Genes 11/22/2010
Particiapte in Winter Wishes 11/22/2010
Host RAH Competition 11/22/2010
SGC Retreat January 22nd 12/06/2010
Co-Sponsor Event with Rutgers Botanical Society 01/24/2011
Co-Sponsor Happy Hour with Alpha Zeta 01/24/2011
Co-Sponsor North Eastern Student Affiliates 01/24/2011
Oppose the New Bus Shelter Model Replacing Cook Bus Shelters 02/07/2011
Improve College Farm Road for Safety 02/07/2011
Sponsor a Land Grant Event 03/07/2011
Table at Rutgers/Ag Field Day 03/07/2011
Co-Sponsor a Trip to the NY Botanical Gardens with the Rutgers Botanical Society of America 03/07/2011
Co-Sponsor a Talk by Dr. Joan Bennet with the RU Botanical Society 03/07/2011
Bill to Amend the Current SGC Constitution and Bylaws 03/21/2011
Create a Sakai Site for SEBS Students 03/21/2011