July 28, 2017


Positions in bold indicate members of the Executive Board.

Name Position Committee
Sam Coakley president@sgc.rutgers.edu President
Kelly D’Amico vicepresident@sgc.rutgers.edu Vice President
Ankita Gupta council@sgc.rutgers.edu Corresponding Secretary
Marisa Beckett Treasurer@sgc.rutgers.edu Treasurer
Kaitlyn Mazzilli secretary@sgc.rutgers.edu Recording Secretary
Allyson Cerini Class of 2019 Public Relations
 David Wakim Class of 2019 Allocations
 Mary Li Class of 2018 Public Relations
Britney Truempy Class of 2017 and Sergeant at Arms Academic Affairs
Kishan Patel University Senator University Affairs
Chris Wakim University Senator and Parliamentarian University and Student Affairs
Kristine Dowd Agriculture and Food Systems University and Student Affairs
Michael Botros Animal Science  Internal Affairs
 Jenny Im Animal Science  Allocations
Christopher Mazzacano Animal Science University and Student Affairs
Jessie Pang Animal Science University and Student Affairs
 Kishan Patel  Biochemistry Internal Affairs
 Pushpdantigiri Goswami  Biotechnology Public Relations
Jamie Santos Biotechnology Academic Affairs
Samantha Fagundez Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources Public Relations
Ben Purzack Environmental and Business Economics Academic Affairs
Brayden Donnelly Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior Academic Affairs
Mackenzie Pitt Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior University and Student Affairs
April Rastaetetter Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior University and Student Affairs
Sabina Migdal  Exercise Science Public Relations
Chloe Baskin Marine and Coastal Sciences Internal Affairs
Alexa Trischler Meteorology Allocations
Nicole Tallman Meteorology  Public Relations
Christina Chan Nutritional Sciences Public Relations
Megan Devlin Nutritional Sciences Internal Affairs
Alexandra Senatore Nutritional Sciences  Allocations
Chen Ye Nutritional Sciences Internal Affairs
Dean Michelle Jefferson jeffermi@echo.rutgers.edu Faculty Advisor Dean of Students – Cook Campus
Dean Judith Storch storch@aesop.rutgers.edu  Faculty Advisor Campus Dean – Cook Campus