August 17, 2018


Positions in bold indicate members of the Executive Board.

Name Position Committee
David Wakim President
Anastasia Bellisari Vice President
Shivane Patel Corresponding Secretary
Mai Nguyen Treasurer
Christina M Thomas Recording Secretary
Hannah Cohn Academic Affairs
Katherine Scott Allocations
Madison Back Public Relations
Devika Jaikumar Internal Affairs
Bansari Patel University Affairs
Yiping Li Class of 2018 University and Student Affairs
Caitlin Uriarte Class of 2019 University and Student Affairs
Enrique Lopez Class of 2019 Allocations
Kathleen Parrish Class of 2019 Allocations
Nadia Saponara Class of 2020
Hannah Cohn Class of 2020 Academic Affairs
Christina Thomas Class of 2020 Academic Affairs
Uttara Hardikar Biochemistry Academic Affairs
David Wakim Biological Sciences Allocations
Anastasia Bellisari Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior Internal Affairs
Madison Back Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior Public Relations
Amanda Gaglio Exercise Sciences
Leonard Mendola Meteorology Public Relations
Christina Chan Nutritional Sciences Public Relations
Mai Nguyen Nutritional Sciences Public Relations
Alexandra Senatore Nutritional Sciences University and Student Affairs
Dean Michelle Jefferson Faculty Advisor Dean of Students – Cook Campus
Dean Judith Storch  Faculty Advisor Campus Dean – Cook Campus