September 29, 2022

Request a Co-sponsorship

SEBS Governing Council 2013-2014 Co-Sponsorship Guidelines

I. Qualifications for the Event

Event Requirements:
The following shall be considered as criteria for recognition as a special event. The event must be open to all University students and it must not already be funded through the semester budget or Appeal for Event Basis. Also, two of the four following criteria must be met for recognition as a special event:
a. Annual event, which has occurred two times in the past three years, traditionally funded through University funding.
b. CO-sponsorship by one or more campus groups
i. Marketing of the event must be placed throughout all University Student Centers and all five campuses.
b. Must be requesting funding for the accommodation of a minimum of 25 people.
c. The even receives 25% or more of its funding from a source other than SGC event allocations funding.
Please keep in mind that SGC has discretion as to whether or not to fund an event, regardless of compliance of lack thereof with these criteria. Other factors that the
SGC will consider in this decision may include: mission, purpose, and previous funding.

Special Event Process:
(Groups are only required to attend the special event hearings, though it is recommended that they also attend the SGC meeting where special event status is voted upon.)
1. Groups attend the SGC event hearings and the entire body decides if the event deserves event status sponsorship and/or funding
2. If the body deems the program a special event it will also decide on the appropriate funding.
3. The SGC Programming and Publicity Committee will then sponsor a bill to the entire SGC general body with the request for special event status as well as the suggested level of funding.
4. The SGC will then vote on both the status and the funds requested.
5. Your organization will be notified within two weeks of the final decision.

II. Contact with Treasurer and General Body Presentation

The applying organization must contact the SGC Treasurer ( two weeks prior to the event for consideration by the executive board. Please include "SEBS Governing Council" in your subject line. When contacting the Treasurer for a co-sponsorship, the following information must be submitted:

  • the completed Co-Sponsorship form ,
  • a list of other sources for funding currently being used or explored,
  • an itemized budget for the event,
  • the applying organization’s SABO account balance and account number,
  • a description of advertisements visible to students on the G. H. Cook Campus, and
  • how the SGC name will be displayed at the event.

Upon approval, the applying organization will make a presentation before the SGC general body at least one week prior to the event. The presentation should include a brief background of the organization, details about the event and its target audience. This presentation should not exceed ten minutes in length and will be followed by a brief question and answer session. Only at a general body meeting will funds be allocated. It is highly recommended that initial contact with the Treasurer is established at least two weeks before the event date, in order to ensure that the SGC has sufficient time to review the co-sponsorship opportunity.

III. Documentation

Within ten days after the event date, itemized receipts for all purchases associated with the co-sponsorship must be submitted to the Treasurer of the SGC. Excess funds will also be returned to the SGC account at this time.